Why Do You Juice? Plus Some Juicing Tips

by Jenni in

Many people have many reasons for juicing. For me, it is a way to get rid of that awful extra water weight I tend to pick up, and also, to reset my dietary habits and make them healthier. For my husband, it is all about health. Depending on where you fit,  most people can find benefits of juicing. 

Weight Loss

One of the biggest reasons people juice is to loose weight, fast. Yes, I tend to loose a pound or two when juicing for multiple meals, but it all seems to come back when I stop. If long term wight loss is your goal, you may want to get on a daily juicing system. For those hardier folks, doing a three day cleanse followed by daily juicing of 1-2 meals will definitely help keep the weight manageable and get your diet consistently healthy. A great option is also to have a meal replacement shake or bar for one meal, a juice for another, and some real (but healthy) food as your third meal. Of course, remember to be eating plenty of snacks throughout the day. Those looking for weight loss or just trying to manage the weight they have should aim for 2-3 snacks per day and three meals.


Those with Crohn's disease and other intestinal or digestive related issues are highly encouraged to switch one meal a day out for a juice. Why, you ask. Well, drinking fresh, nutrient filled, juices gives the intestines time to heal and reduce inflammation. One of the biggest issues with Crohn's disease is that the intestines get inflamed and cannot absorb nutrients. This inflammation causes massive pain and will only get worse with high preservative, starch filled, non-organic, and fried foods. Giving the intestines a break helps them heal while drinking the juice ensures that you are able to absorb the most amount of vitamins.

A funny secret: if you are getting canker sores, you have a vitamin deficiency. Juicing can help this, but you may also want to get on an organic multivitamin to increase your nutrient intake. 

Juicing can also help with IBS, ulcers, and acid reflux. 

Your Dietary Reset

We all get there. That bad place where the cravings will not end and all that you can think about is that salty fried thing or that super sweet treat. It happens, but it usually happens because our diets are out of whack. If this is happening yo you, try juicing. You may need a 1-3 day juice cleanse to really set things right, but afterwards, eating those fried, fatty food will not only sound gross, your body will actually start reacting to them the way a healthy body should- and it is not pretty. 

If juicing for multiple days literally sounds like death, mix in a boiled egg or two to help with the want of food. These are super healthy for you *in good quantities* and should help satiate that want to bite into something. Just be ware, eating more than two eggs per day is more cholesterol than any body should have.