September Book Club

by Jenni in


So, September may be more than half way through, but that is not to pick up a great book! Some friends and I recently started up a book club that will be meeting once a month to discuss some monthly reading. We will each take turns hosting, picking the book, bringing snacks, and bringing drinks. This month, I got to choose the book and decided on We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. I heard good things about it and have also heard that the ending is a complete surprise. Other than that, I know nothing.

If you would like to join our monthly book club, that would be so great! We can read them together each month (I promise to notify you of that month's reading sooner than this one) and then come back for a book review. Of course, there will be a spoiler free and spoiler filled section easily seen. That way everyone is super happy with how little or how much information we have.

As for this month's book, I can tell you right now that is fits in the YA category and is based on a wealthy New England family. Two things I had no idea about when deciding on the book! Another thing I have learned is that it is a pretty easy ready. Really. I was halfway through with it after one sitting.

And, since there have been very few fitness related posts this week, I added in some workouts that were recently discovered from Brooke Burke-Chavet's YouTube Channel. Did you know that she had a YouTube channel? I had no idea. Brooke's channel, Modern Mom, is all about health and fitness with guest trainers (Tara Stiles was the most recent), healthy eating, and lifestyle tips. I am officially addicted.

So far, the two workouts that I have done include the Bum workout with Tara Stiles and this one for hip slimming. Both were fantastic and kicked up quite the sweat. They did not make me super sore, but were still great! If you looking for a bum workout that will make you super sore, just wait for the one coming out later this week!