Let's Talk Core

by Jenni in

Did you know that this will be the first fitness post of the week?! My, how this week and these posts have flown by! Well, we can, at least, end the work-week with some fantastic core workouts that I know we all are dying to have. Whoever said the a sore core is a bad thing was definitely wrong! That hurt-to-laugh bit is the part I sweat for :) And, speaking of sweat, these workouts are sure to make you.

Yoga for Core

I found this video by stumbling upon Candice's blog, Yoga by Candice. She of course, also has a YouTube channel and updates it with a complete yoga video once a week. The Yoga videos are wonderful, informative, and the yoga flow is fun. Her blog is also fantastic and I am super addicted now!

This yoga video was how I welcomed back working out after my long break. It is great! The core work at the beginning is super helpful and the balances make the flow seem short and fun. I would highly recommend this video to anyone who is an intermediate yogi or higher :)

Belly Bootcamp

Does you belly need a bootcamp? Mine sure does! Funny, but a mashed potato diet does not really do much for chiseling those abs... Neither did the 16+ hours of sleeping/laying around I was doing every day.

Anyway, this belly bootcamp looks like lots of fun and has moves all of us can do at home. It also seems perfect to do after a run or before yoga as a nice warm-up. This could even be done in the morning for a quick wake-up to get that metabolism going :)

4-Minute Abs


Yes, I just spoke the words that every person loves to hear. Abs in 4-minutes may be a pipe dream, but Brooke Burke-Charvet's ab plan  (in the September issue of Shape) could get us those abs a wee bit faster than otherwise. This 4-minute plan is a well-rounded ab routine that will work all areas of your core. It is also way easier to do in the morning upon waking, before a big meal, or while watching some TV.

I hope your weekend is absolutely wonderful and you have something super fun planned! We will be checking out a local Mexican restaurant with the family and maybe even making it out to the beach for the second time this week! Ahh, going to the beach twice in one week makes me feel like it's high school again. Hey, with weather this nice, there is really no reason not to :)

Happy TGIF!