10-Minute Bubble Butt Workout

by Jenni in

I recently read an article talking about the most popular plastic surgeries in 2014. Apparently, the demand for bum lifts and implants has sky rocketed 35% in the past few years. Out of these, the most common request is to remove the fat below the bum so it has a more rounded look. The good news about this is that working that area can save you thousands in surgery costs and pain. Yep, there are some pin-point moves that will work the area under your bum- reducing fat and increasing the overall roundness of the bum.

One set of this workout will take 10-minutes to complete. Of course, you can always do more if you wish. Although I love workouts that do not include weights, this one will work best with a set of 8-10 pound weights in each hand. If weights are not an option for you, I would recommend using a resistance band in its place. No, the workout will not be quite the same, but it will be a whole lot better than nothing at all.

10-minute bubble butt workout