Love Your Legs

by Jenni in

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. We had lots of fun visiting my Mom with my Grammie. There was lots of eating, a few movies watched, and quite a bit of relaxing. We drove home last night and the hubs and I were able to make a last minute trip to the beach for sunset. It was cold, but absolutely beautiful! 

But now, it is back to the real world and lots of things to do this week. One of those things is this Tone it Up Love Your Legs Workout. Hopefully, we all love our legs already because of all the amazing things they can do, but, this will help make them a bit stronger. Oh, and it also works the bum. Of course it would catch my eye.

As long as everything goes right today, I will be completing two workouts and you will be hearing about one of them later on in the week. This workout may come in quite handy on Wednesday when things will be quite hectic and a 20-minute workout will work out perfectly. See what I did there? Hahahaha... 

Here's to a wonderful week with lots of great workouts and other productive things in the mix as well. Oh, and a pun or two, of course.  Happy Monday!